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When you become a member of the Cincinnati Art Club, you become part of a heritage which extends back to the Golden Age of art in Cincinnati. Membership offers many opportunities to grow as an artist including:

  • Two sessions of life drawing per week
  • Monthly dinner meetings with live demos or lectures
  • Exhibit opportunities
  • Two critique sessions per month
  • Website exposure for all members
  • Weekend workshops
  • Pursuing your art with a group of like-minded artists

To Apply for Membership

You are encouraged to download a Membership Application and join today! Or email your name, address and phone number to our Membership Chairperson. They can send you an application and explain the process to you or make arrangements for you to attend a Dinner Meeting or Sketch Group before you make your decision to become a member.

Annual Dues

For continuing membership:
Associate Membership $105.00 Signature Membership $120.00 Out-of-Town Membership $35.00

Associate Membership

Anyone from patrons to beginners or professionals can be an Associate Member. You will need to submit an Application, pay the appropriate dues and wait for approval by the Board of Trustees. Associate Members are provided at least one show per year to exhibit their work.

Pro-rating of Dues: Applies one time to new membership applications only. The Membership Chairperson will be happy to let you know the proper amount of dues to submit with your application or you can use the following table:

If you submit your Application anytime in the month of:
May: $105.00 June: $96.25 July: $87.50 Aug: $78.75 Sept: $70.00 Oct: $61.25
Nov: $52.50 Dec: $43.75 Jan: $35.00 Feb: $26.25 Mar: $17.50 Apr: $8.75

Signature Membership

Signature membership reflects a recognized quality of work through a juried process. You must first become an Associate Member by submitting an Application and paying the appropriate dues. Submit five framed paintings or five sculptures to an anonymous Review Committee that meets three times a year. Upon gaining acceptance as a Signature Member, you will be billed to bring your dues up to Signature level. Review dates and additional details are listed on the Signature Status Review web page.

Out-of-Town Membership

Out-of-Town membership is for individuals residing 75 miles or more from Cincinnati. Members only pay $35 and membership keeps you on the roster and entitles you to receive a Dragonfly newsletter but excludes exhibition and sketch group privileges.

Annual Membership Dues - payable May 1 each year

Regardless of when you become a member, membership fees are due May 1 of every year. For unpaid Dues, member names will be removed from the roster on July 1 of every year. Please use the Membership Application Form to pay Dues or to make changes to update your address, email, phone or website. Please also let us know if you would prefer to receive information via regular mail or email. You're welcome to print out the Form and mail it attention Membership at the Cincinnati Art Club or include the Form information in an email addressed to the Membership Chairperson.

Signature Membership Eligibility

Those who produce works in the graphic arts (paintings, prints and drawings), sculpture and architecture which, in the opinion of the Signature Membership Selection Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees, are of such caliber as to qualify for Signature Membership. One must first become an Associate Member before applying for Signature Status.

Signature Member Privileges

They shall enjoy all the privileges available to Art Club members and may exhibit their work in the Club's annual group shows, or may make use of the Gallery (when available and approved by the Exhibitions Chairperson) for personal or group member exhibitions. They may hold office.

Signature Member Responsibilities

They shall be responsible for dues and assessments as may be levied against their class of membership, shall subscribe to the Articles of Incorporation as required by law, to vote on all questions and to vote for the candidates for all offices at the Annual Business Meeting in May of each year. To become an Signature Member, candidates must submit to a jury review of their work. No work will be considered without the candidate first having submitted an application for membership. The candidate artist should take care to submit their own original art and works that are consistent in quality. They may wish to seek the opinions of other accomplished artists before making their selection of work to be submitted. Upon the posting of a notice of the dates for Signature Membership Selection in the Club's monthly newsletter, website, and on the Club bulletin board, candidates seeking this status of membership are required to deliver (at 9:30am on the date of the review) at least five (5) samples of their recent works, framed with professional quality (as required for any exhibit at the Art Club) to the Club. These submitted works will be juried by the Signature Membership Selection Committee who then submits their recommendations of acceptance or rejection to the Board of Trustees for final approval. This Committee meets not less than three (3) times each year. Candidates will be notified of the decision of the Board of Trustees by the Membership Chairperson as soon as possible.

Signature Membership Review

The major goal of the Cincinnati Art Club is to both encourage and challenge artists to continuously strive for artistic excellence. It is important to remember that this selection process is not the acceptance or rejection of an individual. Instead, it is an opportunity for each artist to attain a level of excellence in their work and recognition by peers in the Cincinnati Art Club. Participation in Signature Membership Review is always welcome and Associate Members are encouraged to re-energize their efforts to achieve this coveted status. We invite all artists to accept challenges, to set and achieve goals and to follow the path that leads to the rewards of excellence.

Critique Group Session

Highly recommended for Members, critique sessions are free and held the first and third Tuesdays of each month, evenings from 7 - 9:30 pm at the Clubhouse. These Critique Group Sessions have become very popular and significant improvement is not uncommon for those who attend regularly. The first Tuesday critique is held for Signature Members and the third Tuesday critique is held for Associate Members. Members bring in paintings, either in progress or finished, to obtain sincere feedback (not praise) from the group facilitator and fellow artists.