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(S) Signature Member
Members elected to Signature status meet the historical standards of excellence established by our founding members in 1890 and represent the top tier of artists as decided by an anonymous Review Committee.
(A) Associate Member
The starting point for new members and composed of beginning and established artists and patrons, Associate status acknowledges varied levels of accomplishment and participation in the Cincinnati Art Club.
(HS) Honorary Signature Member
Recognition and status conferred upon a Signature Member and awarded for achievement or service.

Artist Website Comments
Achberger, Monica Ann (S)  
Achberger, Nancy (S)  
Affatato, Judith (S)  
Andrews, Michelle (A)  
Barker, Rebecca (A)  
Barnett, Judith Q (S) CAC President 1993-1995
Barton, Judy (S)  
Beck, Hannah (A)  
Berg, Janet (S)  
Bluemlein, Tom (S) CAC President 2010-2012
Offers Workshops / Demos
Boardman, Chyre (S) Sculptor
Boone, Jan (S)  
Boone, Jessie (S)  
Boone, Tim (S) CAC President 2006-2008
Brendel, Cecilia (S)  
Burt, Ray (S)
ViewPoint Chair 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016
Carmody, Martha (S)  
Channer, Todd (S) CAC President 2012-2016
Chenault, Barbara (S)  
Crank, Linda (S)  
Daly, Mark (S)  
Downey, Mark (S)  
Dwyer, Dawn (S)  
Effler, Jim (S)  
Evans, Amy (A)  
Forsthoefel, David (S)  
Freeman, Elaine (S)  
Friedeman, Joyce Sutkamp (S) joycefriedeman.html Teaches adult watercolor classes
Friedmann, Susan (S) Studio at Pendleton
Gearhart, Josie (S)  
Glaser, Joy K (S)  
Goldberg, Bonita Williams (A)  
Griffin-Woods, Chris (S)  
Hassard, Ray (S)  
Hebenstreit, Carin (S) Offers Portrait Workshops
Heuck, Roger (HS) Honorary Signature Member 2005
CAC President 1995-1998
Hewer, Sharon (A)  
Horn, Gilda (S)  
Hunt, David (A)  
Iliff, Charlotte (S)  
Isfort, Ellen (S)  
Karaus, MaryBeth (S)  
Kinnari, Natasha (S)  
Kitei, Michael (A)  
Klocke, Dave (HS) Honorary Signature Member 2013
CAC President 1998-2001
Koehler, Rick (S)  
Koepke, Lisa (S)  
Leon, John Leontakianakis (S) Sculptor / Offers Classes
Loewe, Dodie (A)  
Luschek II, Richard J (S) Offers Workshops / Personal Instruction
MacConnell, Carol (S)  
Mallory, Wes (S)  
Marra, Diana (A)  
Marrero, Edith S (S)  
Marvin, Deb (A)  
Matyi, Cynthia R (S) (Deceased)
Mayer, Marion Corbin (S) Offers Classes / Open Studio Rental
Mayo, Romona (A)  
Mazza, Yvette LaFollette (S)
McConkey, Eileen Kling (S)  
Mitts, Tom (S)  
Morris, Velma (S)  
Morrison, Gail (S)  
Morrow, Jeff (S)  
Mueller, David (S) Offers Workshops / Classes
Mueller, Susan L (A)
Studio 500A
Pendleton Art Center
Navarro, Carlos (S)  
Neville, Bruce Allen (S) Offers Workshops in Watercolor
Ng, Karen (S)
Painting Instructor
Nordloh Neville, Nancy (S)  
Paian, Irene (S)  
Paolercio, Mike (S)  
Perry, Doug (A)  
Pfeiffer, Jacob (S)  
Polk, Jan (S)
Prince, Shalmah (S)  
Pryor, Barb (S)  
Purk, Joni (S)  
Pyle, Caroline (A)  
Rama, Priya (A)  
Relojo, Magno (S)  
Romelli, Patrick (S)  
Roy, Amy (S)  
Ritschel, Wolfgang (S) (Deceased)
Ruthven, John A (HS) Honorary Signature Member 2005
Rybolt, William C (S)  
Schmitt, Terri (A)  
Schrimpf, Margaret (S)  
Schuster, Don A (S)  
Shikany, Carol (S)  
Steele, Marlene (S) Ohio Arts Ambassador to the Portrait Society of America
Offers Workshops / Lectures
Stewart, Joe (S)  
Tarvin, Tom (S)  
Tepe, Tim (S)  
Thier, Cooki (S)  
Tunison, David (A)  
Vollman, Paul (S)  
Ward, Deb (S)
Offers Workshops
Weber, Martha (HS) One of the first women Members
Honorary Signature Member 2005
CAC President 1985-1987
Weber, Mary Jean (S) Offers Classes for Children and Adults
Weeks, Trish (S)  
Willenbrink, Mark (S) Teaches Art Classes and Workshops
Worz, Kay (S) CAC President 2008-2010
Teaches Watercolor
Youse, Cindy Harlan (S)